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Delivery Service Providers

Delivery Service Providers (DSP's) are key implementers of Badger technology on a project site. Together with you and your chemical science vendor (CSV) these Badger technology providers have the latest training and knowledge base updates so you can be assured of having competent team members on your project site. These companies are selected and supported based on their knowledge of local and regional subsurface conditions as well as their expertise with varied subsurface access equipment.  

Obtaining a quote or project cost estimate only requires contacting one or all of the service providers listed below. There are no on-line bid forms, to properly assess Badger's technology viability at your site and project requirements will require a real conversation.   

Environmental Assessment & Remediation - Long Island, NY
Phone: (888) EAR-6789
Certified Badger Technology Provider

Contact Email: Jaime Brown


Renegade Environmental Services, LLC, Astatula, Florida (352) 343-0336
Supports all Badger Equipment and Technology, BTC, BCO, BAT, MT
Geoprobes (6620DT's, 7822DT), Light Auger, CPT, MIP, Conductivity

Contact Email: Randy Robinson

RemQuest, Baton Rouge, LA (225) 767-3880
LTP for Emulsified Zero Valent Iron (EZVI) and other remedial products
Certified Badger Technology Sponsor & Provider, Design, BCO, BAT, MT

Contact Email: Greg Booth, PhD 

South Atlantic Environmental Drilling and Construction Company, Ft. Mill, SC (803) 548-2180

Direct Push, Auger, Mud Rotary, Air Rotary, Coring & Construction Services
Badger Technology Service Provider

Contact Email: Peter Byer 

Superior Environmental

Superior Environmental Corp. - Marne, MI (616) 667-3637

Direct Push, Rotary, Ozone Sparge, AS/SVE, Tank Cleaning, Fuel Filtration...

Great Lakes Badger Technology Service Provider

Contact Email: David Hill  


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