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The Badger CUB Express (2012)

Badger Injection Solutions, LLC continues to develop and improve subsurface injection delivery technology. The CUB Exp. release in 2009, is the result of over two years of engineering, testing and field trials. The CUB units have been developed to be easily transported and attach to most track mounted Geoprobe equipment. Well, here we are again, providing updated solutions for industry demands. The CUB Express 2012 is loaded with additional features to meet the needs of a community whose purpose is to provide RESULTS. Don't let the name "Cub" fool you, rigorous engineering requirements for the CUB means that it provides the same subsurface distribution properties as its very fierce mother.       


Increasing in Quantum Levels, Remedial Injection Delivery Technology!


CUB Express Features (2012)

  • Easy mounting and attaches to most Geoprobe Track Equipment
    Now you can wrap this technology around your Geoprobe or your probe subcontractor! Specialty mounting hardware designed to utilize Geoprobe's auxiliary equipment mount points. Hydraulic connections tie into single or dual auxiliary circuits. Easily attaches in less than a hour. The entire system keeps a small footprint while working on space limited sites. Check with your favorite DPT contractor or a certified Badger Service Provider. Badger injection technology is not "probe" injection technology.  
  • Injection Circuits Controller
    The Badger CUB Exp., provides a tethered controller (up to 100') to activate and monitor equipment, tooling and subsurface sensor data during the injection event.  This allows both DPT and Badger OperatorsBadger CUB Controller an increased safety zone during the injection delivery event. This is critical due to the nature of some injection materials widely used today. While controlling all mechanical functions, the CUB unit reports critical data back to the Controller unit while in operation including injection material temperatures, pressure, totalized injection material volumes, flow rates, calculated ROCP, VMP, eCD and provides the current status of the SAE being utilized. If utilizing the optional subsurface sensor arrays, which include DO, PH, EC, TEMP and hi-res digital PSI in current site infrastructure, the Controller captures and records this data in real time. The data is then sent via IP Telemetry (see Badger IPTEL) to your office desk. The controller is outfitted with a WiFi hotspot router. Just like Mom! 
  • Subsurface Sensor Arrays (EXP Model)
    Integrated subsurface sensors are utilized to verify ROCP (radius of contact potential) during (not after) the Badger subsurface injection delivery event. Each system can be equipped with 2x3 or 1x6 sensor arrays and setup to monitor differentials in real time, Dissolved Oxygen, PH, Electrical Conductivity, Temperature and hi-resolution PSI. Take the guess work out of subsurface CONTACT!  CUB Tool Box
  • The Tool Box
    The CUB brings the complete tool box with it. Ever get to a site and someone forgot a dime and it holds up the dollar? The Badger CUB provides modularity and it is no different for the tools necessary to get the job done. Each CUB Tool Box is stocked and inventoried for everything necessary to do the job either radial or directionally!
  • Production Results  
    The CUB Exp. system has delivered up to 3,800 gallons of injection material in a single day. The distribution properties have verified results beyond 15' ROI's. The CUB model exhibits the same distribution properties as the DP-SST-HD. NO FLOOD FILL. These daily production results are all predicated on the factors of material types, mixing preparation and site water supplies.  The CUB has proven to increase overall project efficiencies by 40% to 60%! Because of these effeciencies, the injection material products being delivered now have higher rates of success! - Overall project cost reductions.
  • Mixing Systems
    The Badger systems are not mixing systems, they are kinetically adjustable pore space dilation injection delivery systems. When engineering your project, make sure to include sufficient mixing systems or check with service providers for mixing and batching system options.  CUB Site Controls
  • Types of Injection Materials Supported by the CUB Exp.
    The CUB Exp. has injected Reductive Dechlorination (RDC)  Materials such as emulsified oils, bulk vegetable oils, HRCa and has the ability to "Slip Stream" anaerobic dehal's without harming them. The CUB in the in-situ chemical oxidation (ISCO) programs has injected Fenton's and modified Fenton's reagents, activated sodium persulfate (NaOH & FeEDTA), Regenox, ORC, potassium and sodium permanganates, Stimulox and a host of aerobic microbes. The CUB system is chemically compatible with a wide range of injection materials provided in the industry today. You can view a list of Chemical Product Sponsors and suppliers here
  • Data Collection Reporting.
    Data collection and reporting is a key component of all Badger systems. The data systems utilized have been specifically engineered and integrated to provide real time evaluation of the injection delivery event, at the surface and most importantly the subsurface. This information is then utilized by on and off site engineers to quickly adjust, if the need arises, to unknown or unforeseen site conditions. These systems became necessary to the Badger program when consistent 15' ROI's and greater were verified and the need for directional subsurface injection became a reality. Live data and video feeds can also be provided from the site.    
  • Calibration/PRV/Recirculation/Microbe Blend Station/Hydration Station
    The Badger CUB provides a complete mechanism to calibrate internal systems and gauge overall performance. In the electronic data world, garbage in, means garbage out. Since the CUB can be attached to a myriad of equipment configurations, it is important to calibrate for each power source attachment. During the course of injection delivery, the calibrationCUB Calibration cell attachment provides hook ups to larger batch sources (including frac tanks) and allows clean pressure recovery of injection materials back to a isolated capture vessel, which can be then loss of material to the surface. One of the side benefits of this station is it provides a clean and efficient way to tackle smaller microbial and oxygen stimulation injection projects where large mixing and batching is not necessary, but distribution and CONTACT are!.     
  • How to utilize the CUB Express
    Estimate, Control, Collect, Record and Report! All Badger systems are modular and give the Engineer the ability to choose what will be the best representation for their site requirements. The best way to utilize any Badger System is to contact a qualified Badger Delivery Service Provider and discuss your project while in the design phase, you can find them listed on this site.

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